Mayan Awards is an honorary award awarded to deserving candidates who have made a difference in their respective industry through their perseverance and dedication. This is not a competition and every nominee is a winner in their own right

The rules and regulations levied by the organisation are applicable to all participants associated with the award

The application is considered successful only when all the mandatory details are filled through the award website

The applicant is expected to submit supporting evidence and documents as proof of their work/achievements

The management committee is not responsible or can be held liable for incomplete applications and for applications which are received past the deadline


Awards: The term ‘Awards’ is a denotation of the Mayan Awards

Applicant/Nominee: This refers to the person/organisation who nominate/apply their personnel to participate in the process

Award Management /Committee: The management of Vista India who is responsible for organising/monitoring the award

Jury: The personnel selected by Vista India to evaluate the applications and participants

Award Categories and definitions

The management committee and organisation reserves the right to make any changes deemed fit to the Award category. They can increase or merge or modify the classes based on the quantity/quality of participants. The decision made by the committee is non-contestable and will be treated as final

Call for entries, nomination and participation

The award announcement will be made through the Mayan Awards website

The committee reserves the right to reject any application if they find any discrepancies in the information given by the applicant.

The applicants are permitted to apply for more than one category but not more than two if their profile matches the selection criteria given herewith

The applicants can submit more than one nomination under the same category if there is a part of more than one initiative. However, a separate form has to be sent for every initiative

The initiatives will be considered as the qualifying factor and will be considered as one even if it is filed by different organisations

The committee possesses the right to change or move the application to a different category based on nature. 

Eligibility Criteria

The applicants should be either an individual or a group who have been a part of the effort

Only the project conducted and organised during the notified period will be considered for the award

The committee reserves the right to make the final judgement on the qualification of the applications and has the power to reject or accept them. The management is not liable to provide any reason whatsoever. 

Receipt of entries

The rules and regulations are applicable to all applicants who participate in the award and submission is considered as acceptance of the terms

The application will be considered to be accepted once the applicant submits a complete form in the website (

The accepted applicants can be asked to furnished supporting document and more details based on their application

The management committee will not be held responsible for rejection of application based on incomplete / error / late submission or technical issues. 

Screening Process

The management committee will select an experienced panel of the jury who will be responsible for the screening of the application form based on the defined criteria adhering to the rules and regulations. Mayan Vista has no obligation to disclose the jury in whatsoever situation.

Criteria for disqualification

All application forms should be submitted in English only

If there are any incompletion in the application form, then it will be disqualified from the process

If the applicant does not comply with the rules levied by the company, then they can be disqualified

This conclusion will be taken based on the committee, and it is decided on the basis of the application

Application Information

All the information furnished in the application should be correct. The application can be rejected if it is found false or misleading. The application can be dismissed at any point due to this error

The Committee and Mayan Vista India Communications Inputs Pvt Ltd will make the final decision regarding the validity of the information

The committee reserves the right to request for proof or additional information based on the data. If the participant refuses to provide it, they can be disqualified from the process

Shortlisting Process

The shortlisting process is divided into two phases

Phase 1 – The applications received will be analysed and evaluated by the screening committee and determined if it can be accepted

The selected applicants will be further segregated into different categories, and this is entirely based on the decision of the committee

Phase 2 – The jury will also evaluate the applicants in the various categories and select a few nominees who will be part of the final round. 

The entire process will be conducted on the basis of predefined criteria and evaluation system

Verification Process

The management committee reserves the right to conduct a verification process of the application submitted by the applicants. They can either directly contact the application or make the scrutiny through other sources.

The committee will make an honest attempt to connect with the applicants to clarify the details provided by them. However, the management cannot be held responsible, if the applicants do not respond or if they are not reachable for any reasons.

In which case, the company has the advantage to disqualify or reject the application as they decided by the committee. 

Determination of Winners

•  The applicants will be graded based on their application and presentation submitted by them

• The committee can select for more than one winner in each award category if they seem fit

• The Jury will make the final decision on the winner and the appropriate category

• The decision made by the committee will be final and binding

• The committee also reserves the right to declare that there are no winners in a specific category if the applications do not meet the required standards.


• All applicants will be subject to uniform scrutiny process, and no special consideration will be given to any personnel or organisation.

• Mayan Vista reserves the right to have the final and binding say in all matters, and further enquiries will not be encouraged.

• Mayan Vista reserves the right to use the information provided by the participants in the print and online media (for promotional purposes). Any revenues generated through these intellectual properties are the sole propriety of the company, and the applicants do not have a claim in the same. 

The chief guest and guest of honour who felicitate and honour the participants attend the event in an honorary role on behalf of Mayan Vista and the applicants agree that they will not use their name or photographs for promotional or any other purpose. 

• The award committee can make any changes/modification to the rules and regulations levied by them at any time they seem fit. 


The management committee is liable to make any changes/modifications to the rules and regulation of the award. The committee will not be held responsible for the loss or damage incurred by the applicants/organisation due to the association with the award. 

Applicants / Nominees who participate in the process are liable to the regulations levied to the committee. The submission of the application would be considered as an agreement to the rules of the award.

The Awards Management reserves the right to withdraw or amend the terms of the Awards at any time, and does not take the responsibility for any loss or damage that any person / organization / Applicant / Nominee may suffer as a result of the Awards being withdrawn or its terms amended.

The filing of the nomination form by the nominees/applicants would signify their acceptance of these Rules and Regulations.